Less Reacting. More Responding.

July 1st, 2013   •   Comments Off on Less Reacting. More Responding.   

Reactions are impulsive. Responses are intentional.

When relationships are highly reactive, they have impulsive patterns of conflict, silence, tension, and more conflict. Both sides try to defend, protect, attack, and prove. They react and fuel one another.

When everyone is reacting, listening decreases.

When no one is listening, it’s hard to feel valued. When no one is feeling valued, it’s hard to feel loved. When no one is feeling loved, it’s hard to react lovingly.

See the pattern?

Stop reacting. Start responding.

It doesn’t require everyone. It only takes someone.

When someone listens, it’s easier to feel valued. When someone feels valued, it’s easier to feel loved. When someone feels loved, it’s easier to respond lovingly.

When someone responds, listening increases.

When relationships are highly responsive, they have intentional patterns of talking, connection, peace, and more talking. Both sides try to listen, be considerate, and care. They respond and feed one another.

Be someone who responds to the people you love. Love well.