Kathy Guy

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Hi I’m Kathy.


I solve problems.

  • I listen to the details.
  • They are often chaotic, but my mind starts seeing how to make order.
  • For a variety of reasons, I just love it!


I communicate transparently.

  • I’ve been told that I’m a “soft-talker” and that I’m direct.
  • If you need to process through stuff verbally, I listen well.
  • If you need to whine, I don’t listen well.


I bring change.

  • I diffuse situations that are volatile.
  • I catalyze situations that are stuck.


My strengths are:

  • 1. Adaptability
  • 2. Arranger
  • 3. Relator
  • 4. Responsibility
  • 5. Restorative

My family

I married my boyfriend from high school, Jeff. We were 17 when we met. He’s great! We’ have grown-up together, literally.
Jeff and Kathy Guy
We have two kids, Amy & Jeff. They both are married, so now we have four adult children, Amy & Jeff (a 3rd Jeff in our family) and Jeff & Brianna. This is from Amy’s wedding to help you figure out who we are in the picture.
Our Family