Get a Grip

April 26th, 2015   •   2 comments   

When we feel out of control emotionally, we’re emotionally unbalanced. Anytime we’re out of balance, we need to steady ourselves before trying to balance again.

A good place to start is to get a grip on the basics.

Sleep. Exercise. Budget.

Although all of these areas are strongly tied to emotions, and it’s easier said than done, it’s a critical place to start.

It’s generally known as discipline. When we live a relatively disciplined life, not rigid, it creates a foundation. It centers us, gives us roots and anchors us for the emotional storms of life.

Storms can often be forecast, but many seem to pop-up from clear skies. Even when everything around us is out of control, a grip on the basics gives us some routine and stability to hold onto. With a more secure foundation, we can feel what we feel, let others do the same, and then decide how we want to respond.

When we get a grip on what we can control, we’re better prepared to accept the things we can not change. We have self-control and emotional maturity, also known as wisdom.