Give Yourself Permission

February 28th, 2015   •   Comments Off on Give Yourself Permission   

When we believe feelings are not ok or wrong or just plain terrible, it’s a distorted belief. It’s not true. The distortion is  perpetuated in several ways.

Feelings are justified, “I feel this way because….”  Feelings don’t need an explanation. It’s ok. You can learn to trust yourself. Feel what you feel.

Feelings are judged, “I know it’s stupid to feel this way.”  Feelings aren’t right or wrong. They aren’t always based on facts. Feelings happen. 

Feelings define us, “I know I’m terrible for feeling this way.” Feelings can be uncomfortable. They don’t make you good or bad. Feelings are what they are.

They don’t have to be explained, judged, and feelings certainly don’t define us. Don’t perpetuate the distortion — tell yourself the truth about the feelings. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll be free of it.

Go ahead. Give yourself permission to feel what you feel.