Sit With It

October 24th, 2014   •   Comments Off on Sit With It   

When we feel like crap, we want it to stop.

We stay busy and distract ourselves to avoid feeling it, we eat or drink or do anything to numb ourselves from feeling it, or we have an anger outburst or panic attack as a reaction to feeling it.

We can run, we can hide, but it’s still there. Whatever we do is an illusion to making the crap feelings go away.

All of the reactive stuff we do trying to get rid of crap feelings creates more problems, often bigger ones! This, of course, brings even heavier loads of crap feelings.

Instead, try this.

Sit with it.

Feel what we feel. Don’t run from it.

What then?

Sit with it some more. Don’t make conclusions or decisions about yourself, about others, or about the situation.

Feel it. I know. It feels crappy. The sooner we do, the sooner the intensity of feelings will pass.

When they pass, we generally are in better state of mind to consider what we think about ourselves, about others, or about the situation.