Parenting Fear

September 27th, 2012   •   Comments Off on Parenting Fear   

Parents of young kids are often afraid. “I just don’t want to screw them up.”

Recognize what that fear says about you — you have enough humility to look at yourself. You’re a great parent.

  • Relax.
  • The confidence to make mistakes and being willing to learn takes the strength and maturity of an adult.
  • Adults give kids a solid foundation of security, which is the most important thing parents provide.

A parent’s role is to communicate love; a child’s role is to grow. Love makes it safe while they do.

Children love you, but you won’t always feel it. Kids can’t help but love their parents, regardless of what they say and do. It is not a child’s job to make a parent feel loved or secure; that’s the role of a parent.

Be the grown-up while they grow up.