Care Enough To Be Uncomfortable

February 25th, 2013   •   Comments Off on Care Enough To Be Uncomfortable   

When we don’t communicate, we are often accused, “You just don’t care!”

What if talking about it leads to an argument, silence or tears? What if it leads to you being judged or not liked? What if you’re just afraid?

When it’s uncomfortable, we find a number of reasons to justify or rationalize saying nothing when something needs to be communicated.

However, when we try to avoid things, we ultimately gravitate towards them. We find ourselves in hostile or distant relationships. We end up feeling unloved. What we feared most is now, or soon will be, reality.

The other person accuses us of not caring. We try to explain and defend just how much we care, but it doesn’t seem to work.

We do care, but we didn’t care enough to be uncomfortable. What really sucks is that what we were trying to avoid ends up happening anyway!

When we care enough to move beyond our own feelings of discomfort to become transparent and vulnerable, that is love.