Silence Is Golden

May 21st, 2017   •   1 comment   

I have been on sabbatical from writing. I got busy, bored with my own thoughts, tired of trying to communicate complex thoughts in simple ways, and yeah, I just had other things I wanted to do with my time; priorities.

Regardless, the result was still silence.

There is so much noise in the world. And yet, whether I listen or not, whether I speak or not, the world keeps on spinning, life keeps on keeping on.

In the past year, life happened. We moved to a new house. My sister, Brenda, died of a brain aneurysm at the far-too-young age of 62. Our grand-daughter, Alice, turned 2. We learned to play pickle ball. Our son nearly killed us on a hike in Utah…ok, maybe not, but it scared me too close to tears.

In the past year, life happened for others, as many document on Facebook. Something new happened in their life, good or bad. Someone near to them died. Someone near to them celebrated life. They learned something new, and something surely scared them.

If you don’t stop the noise of life, you won’t ever hear the silence. Finding silence is a learned skill and a skill worth learning.

Silence is golden because it’s where we find freedom from the noise of life, and connection to peace, wisdom, and contentment for living. Be quiet.

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