Real Willpower

November 22nd, 2015   •   Comments Off on Real Willpower   

Willpower can be impressive.

If I want this, if I work hard, if I let nothing get in my way, if I stay focused on the goal…I can get what I want.

Willpower can also be dangerous.

I want this so badly, I will sacrifice anything to get it.

We want what we want regardless of the consequences…until we get the consequences.

When I give away my self-respect, my most significant relationships, my financial security, then it becomes clear. What the hell was I thinking?

When it’s clear we need to let go of what we want, we have to be willing to surrender.

Real willpower is understanding the power of our will. Use our will when it helps and let go of it when it hurts. When we do, we are often able to be more thankful for what we have.