Katherine R Guy, LMHC

Coaching For You

You matter.

Life is hard. We face challenges. I never cease to be amazed at the pain that people endure, the trauma they experience, and…the amazing resilience of the human spirit!

As we seek respect, trust, security, and love, we do it all in our most significant relationships. The words that people say and the things they do to each other often look like the goal is to make things worse, not better.

You want to be free from the chaos, but how? This stuff can leave the most relationally intelligent people speechless!

I understand.

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I have come beside individuals and families at their lowest points. I’ve listened and talked with them.  People are complex, and yet, there are patterns that make us pretty similar to one another.

As they’ve tried to figure out what to do with the life situations they face, they have often come to me with the plea, “Tell me what to say!”

That’s what I’m prepared and qualified to bring to your life, your family and you.