Tell Me What 2 Say

How It Works

Tell me about the problem. We’ll talk so that I can get a solid picture of the situation.

I’ll listen to things from your perspective, hear what you’ve already tried, and understand your hopes for an outcome.

I’ll let you know what parts of the situation that you can control, the potential outcomes (both rewards and risks), and the actions that will be most helpful to move you toward your goal.

I’ll give you practical solutions designed specifically for you and your situation.

Solutions come in a variety of formats: Written, Verbal, Modeling and Coaching

Written: I will draft the response that matches what you are trying to say. If you think, “That’s exactly what I wanted to say,” it’s yours! If not, I’ll clarify my understanding and make revisions until you’re comfortable. If you prefer to create the draft yourself, I can edit it to make sure your message is clear.
Verbal: I will provide a script for your conversation that matches what I hear you trying to say.
Modeling: Through role-playing, I can give you a vision for the outcomes you can most likely expect.
Coaching: I can help you gain insight about your own thoughts or feelings about the situation.

The short-term goal is to move forward from whatever situation was the catalyst for us to work together. Beyond that, the potential long-term benefits are these:

  • Increased understanding of when you should act and when to let go
  • Greater confidence in the strengths and communication skills you possess
  • Development of your own voice for these situations

You can expect to grow in knowing what to say.