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Coaching For Business

In the trenches.

With my business degree in Marketing, my first job lasted for 24 years. I worked at the phone company.

During those years under various corporate names (Indiana Bell, Ameritech, SBC, AT&T), my customers were business organizations. In roles of Account Executive, Project Manager, Service Manager, or Sales Manager, I worked with sole proprieterships to large corporate machines.

The common thread of all the jobs: I solved problems. I took the customer’s problem, injected into the bureaucratic machine of the phone company, and brought a solution back to the customer.

In business, the customer’s problem is your problem. I understand the challenges and intricacies of corporate America with customers, co-workers, supervisors and subordinates. It can leave the most efficient professionals speechless!


I understand.

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a previous 24-year career in corporate America, I’ve encountered countless power struggles, ethical dilemmas, and conflicted relationships. I know how to maneuver challenging situations.

That’s what I’m prepared and qualified to bring to your business, your leaders and staff.