Change: Is it possible?

August 30th, 2015   •   2 comments   

A question I am often asked is, “Do you think I can be helped?”

Change is possible.

Although we may have the symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar, addictions, or even psychosis, the symptoms appear on a continuum; it is a very broad range for how the symptoms of any mental health condition may be demonstrated.

For insurance purposes, there has to be a diagnosed medical condition for mental health benefits to apply. However, it is dangerous therapeutically to speak in absolute terms.

When it is believed, “This is who I am,” it generally predicts and defines who we will be.

Neuroscience, the study of the nervous system and the brain, is complex. However, a basic principle of neuroscience is very clear: the human brain is adaptive.

Past experiences wire our brains for how we react to present experiences. However, if we adapt our wiring of past and present experiences, we can change how we will react to new experiences. It is fascinating!

When it is believed, “This is who I can be,” then it generally predicts who we will be.

Changing our brain is absolutely possible!


  1. Julie Schmucker says:

    Thank you Kathy. This is very good to know. It is very frustrating when people allow their past to define them and they say “it’s who I am”. To me it seems like a cop out and wanting to continue to be a “victim” of their past, and not let the past be the past!

    • kathyguy says:

      Hey Julie – thanks for your kind words. What you’re referring to is a different interpretation than what I meant. I may try to clarify further in future posts, but I appreciate your comment. Thank you, Kathy