The Things We Do

April 23rd, 2014   •   Comments Off on The Things We Do   

My counseling and mediation practice gives me a broad view of human behavior.

What we do to our mentality so we can avoid our reality is amazing.

We numb are emotions or distract our attention.

We do it through: alcohol, busy-ness, cleaning, criticism, drugs, food, gambling, God, perfectionism, prescriptions, sex, technology (Candy Crush, Facebook, PlayStation, Xbox), and work.

We rationalize what we do so we can justify continuing it.

Yes, reality can suck. But when our mentality sucks more than the reality we’re trying to avoid, we then have to deal with the reality and the resulting consequences from avoiding it.

Hope is when you choose to face reality. You may not discover all you hope for, but it sucks less.

Deal with reality.